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Home Tour: A White and Airy Half Bath


In a spirit of timidness, I started with the smallest and least used space in our home: the downstairs half bathroom.  In this same vein, I attempted a design that I knew worked…for someone else.  You should be sensing a theme by now.  My thinking was that maybe I could just get my feet wet and build some design confidence with a smaller project.  So I turned to my holy grail of blogs, Young House Love.


YLH’s source lists are pretty comprehensive so I was able snag some elements, like the print and frame.
I hadn’t thought to take before pictures until right before I started work.
Bear with me, it’s a windowless bathroom, I was working at night, and I was still in the heyday of point-and-shoot cameras.  You can see there’s some mirror damage towards the bottom.  I’m pointing out that imperfection but really I’d frame the heck out of any builder’s bathroom mirror, I don’t need an excuse!
There’s Domo hanging out in the bathroom.  Where else do adults display their stuffed animal collections but the bathroom?

Ta da!  See the resemblance to YHL’s half bathroom?  We usually can’t keep the toilet paper on the holder though—we have an in-house toilet paper length checker that will drop everything to unravel a roll.  If you have a toddler (or maybe a cat) you get it.  Let’s talk paint.  I started with two matte paints, a white and a beige.  After painting the matte white stripes over the white gloss paint, I liked the subtle contrast of matte again gloss so much that I called it a night and the blue tape came off.  I know a lot of folks will pull out a calculator to get the width of the stripes just right but I used the width of the ceiling ledge (see it right above the fan?) as my standard.  That meant the last stripe at the bottom wasn’t an equal length but since the baseboard is white (and because I’m not a perfectionist) I didn’t mind.

This is the second plant to grace our bathroom.  The first one was a money tree gifted from my mom which I promptly killed went on to browner greener pastures.  Really, it’s just cruel to give me any type of living plant that is symbolic of anything.  Case in point, The Hubs and I got this cute little succulent garden with tiny little pebbles creating a visual path to happiness (cute, right?) at our wedding.  I hit a new gardening low when I managed to kill a succulent that year.  Back to the bathroom.  You can see we framed the mirror using some crown molding we picked up from Home Depot.  We just used liquid nails to adhere it to the mirror (since the mirror is a bit warped), taped it nice and snug, and let that bad boy dry.

I bought this sunburst mirror on a whim without anywhere in particular to put it.  It kinda made sense in here.  If nothing else, I like the shape so it could always be spray painted for some other space down the line.

I really wanted to bring in some woven textures into the bathroom to give it more of a spa like feel.  You can see the element repeated in the plant container.  This is a pretty hardy indoor/outdoor rug which is good because since the bathroom is right off the front entrance, it gets a lot of traffic of people with their shoes on.

This is a little memento a girlfriend brought back for me from an archeological dig in the Mediterranean.   I think it goes decently well with the rest of the bathroom but mostly I wanted to display this neat little craft.  One of my visions for my home is to create a backdrop to display and incorporate keepsakes I’ve inherited, been gifted, or have picked up throughout my travels.  I like to be reminded of where I’ve been, the adventures I’ve had, and the love that flows.  It adds to a collected feel, it’s practical to display your treasures so you’re not always buying new decorations, and it gives personality.

I haven’t mentioned this yet (and I will reiterate it on the Home Tour page later on) but we bought this property as an investment.  In other words, this isn’t a long term home and I keep in mind that we will be renting the place in the coming years when making decorating decisions.  So there aren’t any major plans to gut the kitchen, install hardwood floors, etc.

What was the first room in your new home that you chose to decorate?  How did you decide which room to decorate first?

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

6 thoughts on “Home Tour: A White and Airy Half Bath

  1. How did you frame your mirror? I have never heard of liquid nails before.

  2. Love it!!! And glad the Mediterranean has a place in your new home ;)

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