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The 4 Most Paralyzing Decorating Fears and How to Overcome Them – Fear 4


On to the very last fear that prevents people from decorating their homes!  In case you missed the first three posts, here are some clues to help you to figure out where to start, discovering your personal design style, and overcoming the fear of wasting money.

Fear 4:  What if it sucks and people hate it.

Isn’t this a fear for just about every situation?

I thought about getting bangs (I credit that to routinely watching episodes of New Girl where all, yes both, of the female characters have bangs) and ultimately decided to go for it (wine may or may not have been involved).  I cut my own hair so going for it really just meant heading to the bathroom and taking a pair of scissors to my hair (and lemme tell you, cutting bangs for the first time is hard cause your hair is covering your eyes which makes it less than easy to see).  I could tell from friends’ and colleagues’ reactions that my bangs were, um, not an instant hit but I get carded all the time now so I consider my hairstyle a win!  My bangs have gone threw three incarnations (thick and blunt, thinner and blunt, and finally thin and feathered) and in the end, I’m glad I just went for it cause now I’ll have dated photos of myself to show the grandkiddies :P  And yeah, sorry for the emo FB profile-esque photo, I needed at least one graphic for the post!

So how do bangs relate to home design?  The lesson here is that even though it took me a few tries to be happy with my results, I was most happy with myself that I just went for it.  That felt good and authentic.  So be confident in your actions.  Hair grows and your furniture can be edited.  Perspective is also key.

Keep things in perspective.  This one always helps me out a lot.  At the end of the day, my couch is just a couch.  It could go up in flames (we do get fire storms in this area) or our two-year-old could take a bottle of red nail polish to it and that would be the end of that.  No one is going to die as a result from choosing a too small area rug.  Trust me.  Have some fun and revel in all the infinite possibilities.

So there you have it!  You made it through all the four common hurdles that prevent us from creating an authentic home.  I’m glad you stuck around and even if this is all old news to you, I hope you found a little piece of inspiration somewhere in there.

Do you think about what other people will think of your home when you decorate?  Have you ever done something you knew people would generally dislike but went for it anyways?

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

4 thoughts on “The 4 Most Paralyzing Decorating Fears and How to Overcome Them – Fear 4

  1. Hey Jennifer. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, check out my site for details. :)

  2. Love the bang reference! Styling ourselves is very similar to styling our home..not everyone is going to like everything we do, but its about the risk and what we like that matters. Kudos on the bangs by the way, my widows peak never let them become possible! ha.

    • You’re absolutely right! And if you’re lucky enough to get a compliment, it always feels better when it’s a byproduct of being true to yourself rather than going for what you think others might like. I’m adding you to my blog roll, floridaysmom! It’ll make it easier for me to access it, too : ] And try bangs if you haven’t already. Preferably during summer so they’re easier to grow out if you change your mind ; ]

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