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Home Tour: Living Room/Dining Room


Okay, as a preface to this post, I don’t consider this a grand reveal by any stretch.  This is more of a straight-forward, this is what my living room/dining room currently looks like, come tour my home post.  It’s progress (hey, we’re not using sleeping bags in lieu of a couch anymore!) but in my eyes, the space is still virtually untouched.  Here is a photo I took during our walk through with our real estate agent.Here is some “progress.”  Scratch that, this is what it looked like after we moved in and unpacked everything out of the boxes…but for over a year or so.  And yes, we’re karaoking.Here’s what it looks like these days.  Our wall clock is from Target.  It ticks pretty loudly but I like the look and it doesn’t bother me so much in the living room (though when we’ve had guests stay the night, we’ve found it stuffed under a pile of something or other come morning).The folding table is from Ikea (no longer available) and served as my nightstand during my college years.  I have plans to chic it up a bit and add some stain to keep it from, erm, staining.  The couch we picked up from Mor Furniture.  The pillows (which have seen better days, primarily the first few days we brought them home) were from Big Lots.  I can’t get my throw pillows to keep shape.  We’re one of those families that really do use our throw pillows.  But I have a solution!  Stay tuned.  It involves down inserts ; ]  The tables we picked up next to the dumpster from our previous place.  I loved passing by those dumpsters!  It was like going shopping each and every time!  The complex we lived in had mostly college students and transient engineers so there was always the coolest stuff for grabs.  Those three stretcher boards were to motivate me to buy fabric to stretch over them.  Six months later, they continue to remind me : ]The other side of our living room.  We picked up the couch from Craigslist for $100 and gave it a good cleaning.Maybe a little too good.  There are some places where the fabric got thinned out.  The Hubs doesn’t know his own strength!  And what were we watching?!Here’s our entertainment station (from Ikea but I can’t find it online for some reason, I know it’s still available).  We had to find something deep and sturdy for that big boy of a TV.  It was passed down to us from family.  It’s a really great TV.  Dunno if it will make another move (that thing is damn heavy.  I worried about it potentially falling on Anak but The Hubs assured me that even he can’t move it on his own even if he wanted to).  The curtains are from Target and the curtain rods were from Ross.Side view.  This side is definitely a blank slate.  The frame and prints are also from Ikea.Another shot from our walk through.Currently.  I made the pendant lamp with a cord kit from Ikea and then painted a lamp shade I got on clearance at Target.  The table is also from Mor Furniture.My camera is gracious; you can’t see the full depth of all the spills and stains on the carpet…which we just deep cleaned mere months ago!

My goals for our living/dining room going forward:

  • More clearly define each space instead of having them blend together.
  • Get the throw pillow situation under control.
  • Figure out some couch configuration so that you can watch TV from either AND still be able to watch TV from the kitchen.
  • Add more lighting to the living room.
  • Finish decorating the walls.
  • Add storage for throw blanket.
  • More plants!

I’m still mulling over all the ideas for this space.  I still feel like I’m not quite ready to tackle it because I haven’t decided what I want it to feel like.  I have a board on Pinterest going full of great ideas.

What do you guys think about the curtain placement?  Does it work?  Suggestions?

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

10 thoughts on “Home Tour: Living Room/Dining Room

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  2. Jennifer, I agree with the other ladies, I love the curtain placement. I really think they do so much for the room. What I love most of all is how honest you are about the progress. I struggle with feeling like things need to be “perfect” to put out into blogworld and that just isn’t realistic. That’s not how we live and function in our homes! I’m beginning to see that progress is such a sweet, sweet thing…is it possible to create a home that is collected and reflective of your family in a short amount of time? Not to me…it takes progress and seeing what works for you guys and what doesn’t. I love that you’re throwing that out there and being honest about it! I love your ideas too…more pillows, more plants…two of my favorite things!

    • Vote #3 seals the deal!

      Yes, totally. The most inspiring blogs for me are the one that I can relate to, that make me feel like, Hey, I could do that, too! Hopefully in the coming months/years we can look back on these photos and reflect that beauty can be infused in the smallest of spaces with the smallest of budgets : ]

      Yup, a collected and reflective home takes time. I need to constantly remind myself of that—I’m so darn impatient!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing!! I love the curtain placement, they look great. Agreeing with Christine, I love that it looks like a home that you actually live and raise a family in but still has that some chic character. Well done, its really all coming together.

    • Okay, that’s the second vote for keeping the curtain placement. Thank you!

      Haha, yes, this is a home we definitely live in and we have the messes to prove it! Even just taking these no-progress photos required some clean up : ] and redirecting of Anak.

  4. This is a great post! Why? Because you are being realistic about your home and how you use it. You are practical and sincere, my kind of girl!
    As for the window treatments, I think they are perfect. You really did that odd configuration of sliders, window, and air conditioner (?) on the end wall a favor. Of course, in full disclosure, I have hung window treatments in almost the identical way on either side of my huge bow window. (And no, you probably won’t find that picture on my blog. I haven’t even tried to share that space yet. Ugh!)

    My eye keeps going to the (under) window unit. Is there a way you could create a small frame out of 2″x4″ lumber and fill in with some sort of punched metal screen (a small, moroccan tile motif would be cool) to create a box and window ledge/shelf and hide the unit without impeding its function?

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