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A Rug for the Bedroom


Or, alternate title, The Beginning of My Rug Spree.

You may recall that in my four-part series on how to overcome design fear, I mentioned that I had no idea what rugs cost when I set out to buy one for our living room.  As a result, I was sticker shocked and defaulted to Ikea for a $20 place holder.  You know, for when I get over how much rugs actually do cost.  It’s silly because I already had an idea of the type of rug I wanted so that twenty dollars was really just a crutch for my fears.  Moving on.

I now know and accept how much rugs actually do cost.  Our whole place is carpeted but I don’t mind me some carpet on carpet action.  I love rugs.  I love how they can define a space and pull a room together.  Contrary to what you might expect, I settled on buying a rug for our bedroom first.  I’ve made some major improvements to our bedroom whereas the living room is pretty untouched.  When decorating, most people start with their living rooms because it’s the most visible room but for that very reason I have a feeling I’ll be saving it for last.  I want to get the living room right.  Not that I don’t want to get every room right but I need to build up to it.

Here are some ideas I toyed with:

I scoured the Internet and settled on for my rug.  They’re affordable, have free shipping, good reviews, and stellar coupons.  I scouted what I wanted so that when a good coupon came in, I could go in for the kill.

Here were the contenders and my thought process behind each:


1: It looks thick and comfy.  I like the larger pattern because it keeps the rug from being too busy.

2: Maybe a little too graphic.  And the reviews say even though the rug is supposed to be dark brown and white, the brown looks more like black (to me, there’s a big diff).  Pass.

3: Cue the chorus!  Moroccan, shag, and affordable!  Shag is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the idea of it between my toes in the bedroom makes me giddy.  Plus, I love the worldly feel and the fact that the pattern is both organic and geometric at the same time.  I’m worried that it’s too white.  The red paint fiasco of 2012 still hangs in my memory…

4: A Suzani that’s not vibrant?!  What the what?!  I wish there were some photos of it at eye level though.  These straight-on shots can be deceiving.  These softer, almost floral pattern would be great for a bedroom.

5: Oooh.  Ahhhh.  Subtle pattern, slightly Moroccan, and slightly glamorous.  Would have great versatility in other rooms, too.

6:  On second thought…nah.  Just not soft enough (in pattern, not texture) for a bedroom.

In the end it was a smack down between 3 and 5!  It was a good fight.  5 had some nice blocks but 3 finished the match with a 1-2 punch!  Meet the victor: Tuscan Moroccan Shag Ivory Rug.


I can’t wait till our rug comes in.  I’ll be sure to share pics and a breakdown of costs.

What do you think of rugs on carpet?  Do you have a go-to source for rugs?

(This post is not sponsored by and is in no way affiliated with Rugs USA).


Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

8 thoughts on “A Rug for the Bedroom

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  3. Can’t wait to see it Jen! I’m going to have to take a look at their website! :]

  4. Oh how I can relate to the rug dilemma and wake up call for how much they cost. I bought our recent one from Crate and Barrel but it wasn’t cheap but I fell in love with the stripes..i was having a hard time finding that perfect gray color I wanted. I really like the one you went with. Can’t wait to see it in your bedroom.

    • Yup! And there really isn’t any way around it either.

      I’m still looking forward to seeing your Pottery Barn mirror : ] I’ve had my eye on that one, too.

      And feel better! Anak just got the stomach flu and my throat is getting scratchy. Oh joy.

  5. Great choice. I have a shag rug in my master bedroom (no, not yet on the blog) and it is quite comfy. As for your choices, my eye was between 1 and 5, but it was purely selfish. :)

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