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Home Tour: Master Bedroom


Alright folks, we’re making our way through our household.  Here’s a before shot of our master bedroom closets during our walk through with our real estate agent.And here is what is looked like for the longest time.  A mattress smack dab in the center of the room.  Our main source of light was an Ikea desk lamp from my college days.  I took this pic because it was a very father and son moment : ]  And yes, those wood colored blinds are awful but they keep light out so they’re okay by migraine prone me.Here’s some progress.  Wouldn’t you know it took a tax refund to get the green light to start decorating?  The Hubs isn’t a born and raised American so he wasn’t aware this free money (which we all know isn’t free :P) was coming our way.  I ran with it.We bought our curved nailhead micro-suede headboard for about $260 online from Costco (no longer available).  I know lots of people DIY their own headboards but ours is used as a handrail to the trampoline (i.e. our bed) so that thing needed to be sturdy.  The bed frame was also a Costco buy and about $20 if my memory serves me right.  And the tufted storage ottoman was a Joss & Main purchase I also blogged about here.Some orchids from Target.  Obviously fake or an empty pot would be gracing my nightstand.I adore that star burst mirror.  I came across it at Home Goods for about $40.  I had no idea where it would go in our home but it turned out to be one of my most favorite purchases.  I laid a throw blanket across the base of the bed to tie into the headboard.  It’s my little trick to create a look of a bed frame without the cost.  Headboard = $260.  Same headboard as part of a bed frame = $500+.The lamp was a wedding present hauled over from Wisconsin.  I added some ribbon to keep the lamp shade from vanishing into the wall.  The pair of bed side tables I bought off of Craiglist for $50.  The drawers don’t work so great and are a bit small so it wasn’t the most functional buy.  I’m considering repurposing these and replacing them with something white and lacquered.Here’s a close up of our grey bed skirt.  It’s supposed to look tailored but Anak uses the space between the mattress and bed spring to climb up onto our bed.

Here’s our corner work station.  The computer case has been dismantled and is also used a stepping spot for Anak to get up onto the chair.  Anak the Destroyer doesn’t get his name for nothing!  The leaning ladder bookshelf from Target was put behind the computer desk after having to re-stack the books one too many times.  I’ll let you guess why.  And our desk is also from Target.  The drawers are again small and non-functional.  I think I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I am willing to compromise look for functionality.  Husband, in your great knowledge (and old age!), you were right!Here’s my little dresser-that-could which I doubt can survive another move.  It’s from Ikea.  The first two drawers are covered with wrapping paper.  The bottom two were unwrapped by The Destroyer.

I’m pretty set with the bedroom for the time being and will be redirecting my creative energy towards the living room.  My long-standing goals for the bedroom are to:

  • Personalize it with photos.  We have some great engagement photos (from four months into our relationship) that I love having around.
  • Give is some sumptuous luxury to go after that bedroom suite feel.
  • Get the shag Moroccan rug I’ve been drooling over but was too sick (and thus too late) to nab on Black Friday.  Boo!
  • Convert the top of my dresser (which I only cleared off for picture taking) into a jewelry station.
  • Prettify the bookshelf.
  • Give The Hubs a filing system or some central place where we can easily store papers.
  • Recover (and maybe re-paint) the desk chair.
  • More lighting!  Preferably plug-in wall sconces that we can easily take with us when we move next.

What’s your take on bedrooms?  Should they be neutral sanctuaries or a room with some spice of the love variety?

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

8 thoughts on “Home Tour: Master Bedroom

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  2. My initial comment never showed up, spam must have taken it, must have been the website on there. I was telling you how sad I was to hear you didn’t get your rug and that you should check out esalerugs Most of their rugs are ‘eh’, but they have some great deals and I’ve seen some cute ones come through. Love the way the room is coming together!!! Can you please find me a matching headboard. :)

  3. Compromising looks for functionality is the story of my life. Every time I show my husband a nice DIY job, say a front hallway mudroom all in crisp white and wood, he looks at me and goes “And how long do you think that room stayed looking like that after this photo was taken?” He’s right. Sometimes I think men should be on Pinterest more just to add the logical commentary when we all go “But that looks so nice” when the reality is we know all too well it won’t work whatsoever in everyday life. You did great! Our bedroom was the same for 2 years. Then we changed it all in a weekend and it’s still not done.

  4. I love that you are sharing your real bedroom and that many of your decor (or non-decor) decisions revolve around real life with a child(ren). I say, do whatever makes you happy, keeps your child happy and safe, and fits within your budget. You definitely know what you want. Keep up the great work.

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