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Holiday Home Tour


Today I’m over at The Inspired Room sharing a little holiday home tour.  I’ve already featured our yarn wreath that adorns our front door and our Christmas tree so this post helps round out the holiday decor.  And I still have one last holiday vignette coming your way!

Before we jump on in, here’s a little back story: this is only our third Christmas as a family.  And our first Christmas was spent adjusting to (and enjoying!)  our little six-week-old son; decorating wasn’t exactly on our sleep-deprived brains.  So it’s going to take a few years (and maybe more storage space) to collect a hearty Christmas collection of meaningful trinkets but we’re on our way!christmas_home_tour_couchGoing in my theme of deep red and natural wood elements, I added this cozy blanket to our couch.  It stays that way until Anak gets a chill and tears it off.  It’s confusing, I know.  Blanket, decoration, blanket, ah!christmas_home_tour_popsicle_stick_starsI thought this would be an easy way to add more wood elements without breaking the bank (if I would have thought ahead, I could have saved our popsicle sticks this past summer!).DSC_0784We don’t have a mantel so I used these stretcher boards to hang out stockings.christmas_home_tour_gingerbread_houseAnak’s “gingerbread” house that he made at day care.  Psst, it’s really graham crackers!
christmas_home_tour_glittery_pine_conesWe’ve been collecting pine cones for months.  I added a bit of white paint and glitter and threw ’em in a bowl.  Glitter, such a bad idea.  I know I’m still going to be finding specks of it by the time March hits.   christmas_home_tour_dish_towel Oh, my little snowmen dish towels.  I feel giddy just typing about them.  I can’t believe I’ve yet to name them…christmas_home_tour_styrofoam_tree_materialsI picked up these three styrofoam trees at the dollar store.  I had some leftover moss, jute, and felt from other projects so I snapped to it.
christmas_home_tour_styrofoam_tree_mossThe mossy tree got a coat of gold paint.  I’m sure moss appreciates a bit of glam, who doesn’t?christmas_home_tour_styrofoam_tree_trioAnd here’s my little trio of trees hanging out on our TV.  I sorta ran out of hot glue sticks (I lose brownie points for that as a self-proclaimed DIY blogger, right?  I liken it to a bar running out of beer) so I used Elmer’s glue.  Joke’s on me!  Those felt flowers I had left over from my yarn wreath.  As for mossy, dunno if he’ll be joining us again next Christmas.christmas_home_tour_holiday_buntingSome felt bunting for our kitchen.  I used puffy paint but created designs to look like embroidering.

How long did it take for you to complete you Christmas decorating collection?  Are you still getting there?  Does *NSync sing your favorite holiday tunes, too?

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

10 thoughts on “Holiday Home Tour

  1. I love it all, especially those stretcher boards to hang your stockings… super cute.

  2. Bravo! clever decorations on your curtains! Merry Christmas!

  3. I ‘m still staring at the garland around my banister thinking wasn’t I supposed to add something to the greenery. Nothing yet, It’s not going to happen this year. I’m in full blown baking candy making mode this week. Love your decorations!

    • Thanks, Alex!

      Yup, there are some things if I don’t get to by a certain date I just know it won’t happen till next year.

      Candy sounds fun (and delicious!). I love those mock Skor bars, too! I’ve had all my fudge ingredients sitting on my kitchen counter for, oh, three or four weeks now.

  4. Just lovely. I really appreciate and admire your hand-crafted decor and decorations. Those are the things that make memories. Not just for you, but for your family. So much better than pre-assembled, store-bought items. Very creative and homey!

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