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Christmas Cheer in the Blogoshphere: What to Wear to a Work Holiday Party

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I’m over at Michaela Noelle Designs today sharing some holiday attire inspiration.  Nope, I’m not veering into the direction of fashion blogging, simple trying something new : ]

Holiday work parties are a bit trickier to dress for than a standard holiday party (particularly an ugly sweater party).  I try to go for a look that says I care but I don’t care that much.  Yes, that’s girl speak (e.g. I like him but I don’t like like him).

Thanks to the Internet, I was able to find images of all my finds which was kinda shocking because I got most of the items at a discount store.  holiday_work_partyI picked up the shoes from Payless after I had stupidly found another pair I liked, thought about them as I perused the rest of the store, then returned to find them gone.  I’m a bit of a veteran discount shopper, how did I commit this rookie mistake?!  The tights and dress I picked up from TJ Max.  The dress is one of my favorite dress brands, London Times, and I found it on the clearance rack.  The above photo makes the top part look more ivory but in person it’s more of a champagne color.

Cost Breakdown:

Shoes from Payless – $20
London Times dress – $20
Chinese Laundry tights – $3 (it was a two pack for $6)

Total: $43jennifer_holiday_partyAnd here I am in “action” sipping my diet Coke rocking my paper bag hat (it was a contest that I sadly did not win).

I don’t usually spring for a full outfit but I reasoned that I could use the pumps for work and I wore the same outfit to The Hubs’s pass in review (i.e. boot camp graduation).  And $20 for a dress!?  Why not!

Do you change out of your office attire for holiday work functions?  Did I totally get jipped for not winning the rad hat competition or what?

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