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Happy New Year!

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january_wreathAh, another year, another wreath to add to my collection.  [Insert giddy squeal] I rarely say it but this photo doesn’t do it justice.  It’s sparkly, glittery gold/silver and fabulous (something else I don’t say often)—kinda like the type of nail polish you’d wear on NYE if you didn’t stay in drinking wine through a crazy straw and Redboxing (yup, that’s a verb) it up!  Not that I know anyone who did that…

Last year I resolved to start running and I’ve been consistently running 25-40 minutes four to five days a week this whole year (shin splints and all).  This year my resolution is to keep the house cleaner.  Yup, just one resolution.  That’s how I do it.  Keep it simple so I don’t forget come February.  And if this past year taught me anything it’s that habits are formed through habituation.  Erm, let me rephrase.  You do something enough and it becomes a no-brainer.

When The Hubs came home to visit one of the first things he did was to take a broom to the entry way.  It was embarrassing!  Not because it was dirty (puhlease!) but because I had spent about a full two days prior cleaning the house.  I must be doing something wrong.  I’m pretty good at purging, tidying up, and organizing but I don’t spend a lot of effort cleaning.  It’s more a matter of economics rather than cleanliness.  I enjoy cleanliness far less than the amount of time it would entail would dictate.  In other words, time enjoyed not cleaning > enjoying a clean home.

I’m wishing you all the blessings I bestow upon all my friends for the year to come: new adventures, good health, plenty of happiness, and peace always.

Do you have any home related resolutions for the year to come?

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

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