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Swapping Out the “Coffee” Table(s)


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I had to put coffee in quotation marks because around these parts, if you dare put a coffee on our living room table prepare for spillage!  Our tables are more like snack/arts-and-crafts tables for Anak : ]living_room_makeover_phase_1_full_view The pair of coffee tables currently in our living room were a dumpster find.  They’re sturdy and work just fine in the space but I’d prefer something that let’s my cowhide moo sing a bit more.living_room_makeover_nesting_tableI had included these tables in my original mood board but seeing them in the space made me think that maybe something more circular would compliment the space better.  I feel like there are already plenty of harsh angles (e.g. the dining room table, TV console, etc.) and it’s good to get a good mix of harsh and soft angles to create visual harmony.  I do like the idea of a pair of smaller surfaces to make them easy to move around (and out of the way of pillow trampolining).

Here’s what I’m thinking:living_room_makeover_rust_ottomanCloth?  Hm, maybe not the best idea.  But I do love the rust color!living_room_makeover_antique_coffee_tableThis antique nickel coffee table from India may be just the ticket.  I’d love to incorporate some more metallic surfaces and this one does the job without being too industrial.  Just not so sure if it’ll have a place in our home if my tastes evolve…living_room_makeover_mirror_nickel_barrel_stoolAnother metallic option.  Garden stools just feel so trendy though.   Lord knows I did ride the chevron band wagon for quite some time so maybe I’m not one to talk.living_room_makeover_trapezoid_woodThese are just so cool!  They kinda epitomize angular though.  Next!living_room_makeover_teak_woodThis seems interesting and fits the bill but it just doesn’t get me excited.living_room_makeover_round_multi_colored_tableThis is too fun!  And I did want to incorporate a pop of yellow.  Is it too modern though?  This piece is too unique not to be a contender.living_room_makeover_san_miracI think this one could work really well despite being more on the angular side.  I’m a bit concerned about it’s future use though.  And perhaps it adds too much a modern industrial vibe.living_room_makeover_log_tableLogs seem nice and add an earthy vibe (and I might be able to get some for free) but they’re sorta tough to pull a toddler sized chair up to.  Okay, last one, promise!living_room_makeover_acrylic_nesting_tablesThese are acrylic nesting tables.  They definitely wouldn’t detract from the cowhide and they’re easy to wipe down.  Cause if Anak’s using ’em, there sorta perma-sticky.

I think my top picks are the antique nickel coffee table, the mod yellow/black/oak circular table,  the square wood top/metal legs table, and the acrylic nesting tables.  I think I’ll start monitoring Craigslist in the meantime, too.

Which are your favorites?  Any suggestions?  I’m seriously undecided so any feedback/opinions would be most welcomed : ]

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

11 thoughts on “Swapping Out the “Coffee” Table(s)

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  2. My vote is for the round nickel table for sure! I think the combination of it being circular and metal makes it the perfect choice!

  3. I really love the way the rust ones look but you’re right about fabric and toddlers not mixing. I also like the modern one with the bit of yellow. In both cases I think it’s the color I’m liking, so maybe something with color ? (That’s an awkward sentence, but I think you get what I mean?)

  4. With that cowhide you have to go with an organic element. I like the logs. They are so much fun. Although could be tough with a kid around. Trying to find ways to make sure they don’t tip it over onto themselves.

    • Organic element…I totally get that! Yeah, Iono how that would go. I some some ceramic garden stools at the store (totally gorgeous!) and I tried picking them up and boy were they heavy! We kinda like being able to easily move tables out of the way for play. I’m guessing logs would be even heavier.

  5. All great ideas! I love the way your room is coming together. You certainly have a vision. I vote for the duo of logs. Why? Well, they would be virtually free, could be left au natural or painted (rust?), give an organic element to pair with the cow hide, and above all are very kid friendly. Good luck with your search for a replacement coffee table.

  6. I’m the worst person to give advice on this b/c we haven’t had a coffee table in 10 years. That’s not an exaggeration. We didn’t have room for one in our tiny condo so we made use of extra good side tables. Then when we moved the idea of putting one in, just took up space the kids played on. So we only have side tables and you know what? I totally do not miss a coffee table. Go figure. If I had to choose a fav I’d go with the metal legs/wood one but that’s b/c I love industrial looking furniture. And it compliments the art work squares on your wall.

    • Thanks, Alex (for both your response and making it through all the pics in that post)! That one is definitely a contender! Yes, I like how tiny and movable our current coffee tables are. We don’t have a lot of space so we try to maximize whatever play space we have.

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