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Things that Make You Go Hmmmm


painting in winterDoes anyone else feel like they’re channeling Ana White when they bundle up and do some handy work?  No?  Okay, good, glad we’re on the same page :P  I’ve had enough photos of my living room so, despite this being a post about my living room,  here’s a photo of me with my finished painted trim instead (more on that some other day!).

Here are a few reflections on the evolution of my living room thus far:

If I like it, I’ll keep it cleaner…than I usually would.  I’ve noticed I’ve been keeping my living room cleaner than usual (and it’s even extending to the dining room, rather, the mess is being pushed back into the kitchen).  It’s just so pretty and I want to keep it that way.  I actually feel a bit of pride maintaining the way it looks.  And when mess rears it’s ugly head into the space, it sticks out like a sore thumb so I feel compelled to keep it tidy.

Testing new design elements in your room through Photoshop actually works!  I honestly never photographed my rooms prior to starting this blog a few months back.  Photoshopping in items I was thinking of adding into a room (like I did ad naseum when trying to figure out which table to buy) really saves time, money, and heartache.  It’s so much easier taking yourself out of the equation and analyzing a photo rather than physically standing in a space pondering the endless possibilities.

It’s getting a bit too modern for my tastes.  I like for my spaces to feel fresh and youthful.  Modern, not so much.  So from here, I want to add in some more timeless pieces and classic textiles to help balance the more modern elements.

It doesn’t scream Ikea!  While I have bought some items from Ikea, I’ve been pretty good about restraining myself.  I adore Ikea and could easily make my house into a series of showrooms.  And when their annual catalog comes out I don’t see that as a problem but in truth, I want a more layered and collected feel which can’t be purchased at a one-stop shop.

I’ve bought a lot stuff firsthand.  With The Hubs gone, I haven’t felt comfortable going to random strangers’ houses in search of Craiglist treasures.  We don’t have any thrift stores in our area but I think I could make a trip of it with Anak in tote.  He actually likes shopping!  Not only will previously owned decor lend itself to a more nuanced and rich narrative, it’s better for the environment (and pocketbook!).  And provides fodder for more DIY projects : ]

I do better starting with an end in sight.  Like I mentioned, I’ve never made a mood board before.  I fully expected, given my design esthetic, that a room would just magically come together as I went along.  And it might for some but it hasn’t proved a method that’s worked for me.  I love shopping in places where you have to comb through stuff (read clearance bins, discount stores, etc.) and it’s infinitely easier to hold something up, mentally pull up your mood board, and access whether or not it fits in.

Blogging helps!  It’s been extremely helpful getting feedback and support from our little blogging community.  Posting on a semi-regular schedule also lit a fire under me and helps keeps me accountable for my own progress.  And thinking about decorating in such a methodical way has actually yielded results.  It’s easy to pin inspiration but when you really have to think about what you’re going to do that will produce material to publish, it’s batter up time!

Have you had any light bulb moments in decorating or home design recently?

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

5 thoughts on “Things that Make You Go Hmmmm

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  2. I completely agree with everything you have stated here. So nice to be in good company. :) Your living room is really coming into its own. I, too, cling more to a traditional or transitional decor sensibility. Sure, modern is nice, but it isn’t for me, nor my home. I am NOT a white room kind of person either. The darker the paint, the better. Same vibe with you, too, Christina/Floridaysmom. (I love you guys, uh, girls!)

    • Haha, I think I just became sold on white walls! And it’s funny cause this is the first time I’ve actually owned my place and can actually paint the walls. One thing I’ve learned is that my style is always evolving (just a few years ago I hated anything gold and now I love it!) so who knows. I do love some navy walls, though. Thanks for the love, Christine!

  3. You are so speaking my language in this post!!! If a space is more up to date you’ll work to keep it cleaner..this is SO true. You feel a since of pride. You can literally walk around my house and tell what rooms I’ve recently redone and feel proud of verses the ones that I’m not happy with.

    And again..feeling you on the ikea and modern world. I sometimes feel myself getting pulled away from my design esthetic since spending more and more time on places like Pinterest. My home has always been quite traditional and I really want to keep it that way..I don’t mind a funky pillow or even a bold drape, but I want to stay true to my traditional roots in doing so.

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