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Third Times the Charm, Right?


I really hope so cause I’ve just about run out of white paint trying to (re-re)finish my painting!  Lemme back up a bit.      swap meet findsYou may recall when I was reflecting on the progress of my living room, that I wanted to incorporate more second hand finds.  I had asked The Hubs to make a giant stretcher board for me to create a canvas above the sofa but I came across these two 3’x3′ paintings at the swap meet and they seemed like a good deal (that, and I’m impatient—The Hubs is still away for several more weeks).  I haggled them down to $25 for the pair with the intent to use them together as a diptic.  Hard to make your own canvases with frames for cheaper than that!  removed staplesI pulled out the staples securing the canvases to their frames giving myself a blister in the process.  These things were legit!  airing out canvasesAfter giving the canvases and frames a wipe down with my go-to concoction (a mixture of white vinegar, water, soap, and lemon juice), I let them dry overnight.  The next day I realized they must have been housed in a smoker’s home so I took them outside, frebeezied them (another one of my homemade concoctions), and left them out overnight.   Then repeated the whole process two or three more times, it was that bad.  diptic layer oneI gave them a yellow tone and added some white texture.  I left it alone for a bit and thought about stopping right there.  They were pretty but I knew I wanted more color.diptic layer twoSo the next night I added another layer.diptic layer three The next night another. diptic layer fourThen another.  By then I knew it just wasn’t happening.  I should have known by the very first yellow tone.  The yellow was too rich when really I just wanted a warm white.  And I was incorporating too many painting techniques.  It was a mess and I didn’t know how to fix it.  So I started over.diptic white and greyAnd came up with this.  I also quite liked it but it wasn’t what I was going for (not that I knew what I was going for but whatever it was, this wasn’t it).diptic greySo I gave the boards a fresh coat of white with a greige undertone that I’m pretty happy with.

Creating art for a living space is a bit different than just creating art for the sake of art.  I kept standing back and thinking, Is this what I want to be looking at every day?  Will this go with the rest of the decor?  If I was just creating art, I would have pressed on or called it a day and added the piece to my portfolio.  But this is a bit different.

So I’m going to comb through more images and figure out what I’m trying to create and then pick one or two painting techniques and stick to them.

Have you created art for your home?  Do you have a abstract painting technique that works for you?

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

14 thoughts on “Third Times the Charm, Right?

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  3. I have to say Christine’s idea is pretty cute about little the little guy in on the action. This did make me chuckle a little only because YES, I’ve kind been there. I tried to watercolor a little something one time from Colin’s junky kids watercolor paint (what was I thinking) I found this tropical plant leaf that I tried to copy for our bathroom. It was horrible! hahaha.. definitely never made it to my bathroom walls. Fingers crossed for you..I’m sure you’ll come up with something fun.

    • I really did (I have to say past tense cause I ended up coming up with a painting I’m quite happy with) love the idea of including my little guy into the process, too. I just adore all the little projects he makes! I’m glad you empathize, hehe.

  4. When I do abstract I start in Paint, the program that comes with most computers. That way I can change the colors as I go. Also, I can delete what doesn’t work. Once I’m happy with a general look and concept I go out and try to match the paint. Of course the painting changes a bit as I actually begin to paint it for reals.

  5. I think sometimes we’re not brave enough to start over again if we’re already halfway through a project and have invested a lot of time (and paint!) into the process, but that’s why your blog is called BRAVE NEW HOME. You were wise to trust your gut and start over if you weren’t loving the look in the first one. I can tell from your first attempt that you have MAJOR artistry skills. I know that when you find that right hint of inspiration whether it’s a color palette or an image from a magazine or some artwork by your son as Christine suggests, you’ll create a piece that works perfectly in your living room. Excited to see what it will be!

  6. This post made me laugh. I have done that (not with paintings) but with art work in general. You get something for your home and then hang it and go What the hell was I thinking? I have a big canvas Subway poster in my living room that everyday I stare at and go this needs to be replaced. Like yesterday.

    I’ve almost given up on art work unless it’s made by kids. So that’s what I do for now. I take my daughter’s drawings and frame them and it really works in our home. Or do painted art on a dollar store canvas and change them up each year.

    I empathize. I do. I am so terrible at choosing art work.

    • Haha, I’m glad someone else sees the humor in this, too! I think most of my friends would just think I’m being nuts : ] Art is so tricky. I love children’s artwork! I’ve been toying with a creative way to display some for quite some time.

  7. I really like what you were doing with the yellow, blue and red, although I understand about it not being what you were going for exactly. I, personally, have no painting techniques because I’m not artistic in the slightest, ha ha.

  8. I liked the canvases with a hint of blue pictured, but not with the blue. Does that make sense? I was digging the cream/yellow/green-gold dotted vibe. Are you brave enough to let your son have a whack? Who knows, maybe he will surprise you? If not, there’s always another coat of paint. :) Good luck!

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