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Bringing Sexy Back


Yeah, our bedroom decor could use a little oomph .  Justin Timberlake to the rescue!

February is going to be a special month in our household.  The Hubs and I share both our dating and wedding anniversary this month, there’s Valentine’s day (obviously), and best of all, The Hubs is coming home after having been away for over four months! So I’m turning my attention towards our bedroom in hopes of making it a bit more personal and a bit more cozy for him to come home to.  That and I need a break from the living room.  I feel like it’s one of those magic eye puzzles that I’ve been staring at too long and I just need to take break!master_bedroom_from_entranceI really thought our bedroom was close to being done but after photographing it, I realized how unfinished it really is.  The good news is that I have the basics down and I can start layering in patterns, textures and colors, a.k.a. the fun part!  Here’s the full tour of the master bedroom to jog your memory.

Here are some of my favorite inspirational bedrooms:








I’d love to create a grown up space that has some invigorating visual interest (by that I mean some interesting patterns and a touch of quirk) and an air of luxury.  I say grown up but let’s be honest, it still needs to be somewhat kid proof.  So I won’t be creating any easily breakable vignettes.  And I don’t do throw pillows.  One long bolster, maybe ; ]

The only two items I’m really set on keeping are the headboard and tufted ottoman (although I could see many of the other elements staying).  Before I get too far into the process, I would so love and appreciate your input (you guys have proved an incredible resource!)—off the bat, what am I missing here?  Where do you suggest I begin?  And would it be odd to just hang a single curtain?  Thank you in advance for the inspiration!

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

13 thoughts on “Bringing Sexy Back

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  2. or rather, start with the paint color if you’re changing that too!

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  4. All great ideas. I don’t think it is too odd not to flank the window on both sides (one of your inspiration photos shows curtains to one side). I love all of your inspirational ideas. Oh, if getting some Justin Timberlake into the bedroom doesn’t help, nothing will. ;)

    • Omg, Christine, you’re totally right!!! Thank you for pointing that out. If that’s not a little nudge of courage I don’t know what is. Haha, you are too funny!

      • One thought. Do you have privacy issues with your sliding glass doors, since this IS your bedroom and you’ll be “Bringing Sexy Back”? If so, perhaps a sheer curtain panel on a wave fold track under the more decorative curtain panel?

      • Nah, no privacy issues. Our bedroom is technically on the third floor and has a large tree just outside. The window does face a busy street so whenever we’re inside and it’s dark outside, we typically just close the blinds. I am pocketing that idea for future use though! Thanks for sharing : ]

  5. No throw pillows? You’re every man’s dream woman ;-) I think you could do one large curtain panel, though. I would look for one that covers the span of the window, or sew two panels together, and use curtain rings so you can draw it open or closed. You could also sweep it to one side with a tie-back. I found this link that might help:

    Also, an area rug under the bed, similar to the first two images you posted, would be really nice in there as well. I think those two things would be a good start to giving the space a richer, warmer feel. I really like the ottoman at the end of your bed and the sunburst mirror above. Your room looks really nice already, so anything you add will be the icing.

    • Haha, I wish! My husband thinks I’m a decorating nut. Whenever I ask his opinion on something, his response is, You’re still not done yet?

      Thank you sooooo much for those suggestions!!! I’ve had curtains in my virtual shopping cart on and off for months on end and I think this was just the little dose of confidence I needed to just go for it : ]

      I’ve had my eye on a rug for months now but it went out of stock and I’ve been obsessively checking for it to come back. I’ll probably give it a few more months and if it doesn’t come back, I’ll switch gears and try something else.

  6. Start with curtains. That’s what we did and it changed our bedroom. Another thing we did was change the position of our bed. I have always struggled with decorating a bedroom b/c I am only in it to sleep and I usually then remember when I come back at night Oh wait maybe I should do something here.

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