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Pick a Panel


When I asked for your opinions on where to start with my bedroom, every comment suggested to start with curtains.  I sorta ruled it out because I thought a single panel looked silly but at least one reader kindly pointed out, Hey, one of your inspiration photos even has just one panel!  Doh!

As a quick follow-up to yesterday’s post, would you mind helping me vet through my choices real quick?  Pretty please?  With cherries on top?  Cause the last time I tried to purchase curtains on my own I let them sit in my online shopping cart so long they got discontinued—yeah, I was that indecisive.  Here are the choices:

#1: Princeton Rod-Pocket Sheer Panel, $35.princeton curtainAn updated classic.  The greys play in quite nicely.

#2: Kya Rod-Pocket Sheer Panel, $17 (on clearance).kia curtainThey didn’t have a photo of the color I wanted for whatever reason.  Sheer may be a nice way to add some softness.

#3: Casa Flocked Faux Silk Grommet, $51 (ouch, at least I just need one, right?).casa flockedThese pack a punch and really update the space.

#4: Studio Hudson Grommet-Top, $45.hudson curtainThese are refined and another pattern that I interpret as a updated classic.  It the pattern too busy though? 

I want to go with option #2…cause it’s the cheapest!  But really, if I get something I love and we move later down the line, maybe it could be transformed into two curtains or used to re-cover a piece of furniture or something.

For anyone in the market for curtains, my favorite online stores are JCPenny and Overstock.  I’ll also browse World Market and Urban Outfitters.

Whaddya think?

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

18 thoughts on “Pick a Panel

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  2. They’re all nice but I like nos. 2 and 3 the best (the cheapest and most expensive, ha ha). If you think you would be satisfied with no. 2, which is very nice, then I’d go with that. But if your heart really belongs to no. 3, then save your pennies and get that one. I make decisions like that all the time. “Can I be satisfied with this” or “is today the day I’m going to splurge a little and get the thing I really want”. I’ve made decisions both ways but with the curtain panels, I don’t think you could go wrong either way. They’re both lovely.

  3. Hi, Jen! It’s Shannon from APhio/UCSD! :) Love your blog!

    I definitely LOVE the first panel the most!! It has the perfect contrast and doesn’t just “get lost” and fade to background like the others. I think the first graphic infuses the most style and vibrancy–all without taking the attention away from the other pieces in the room. It brightens up the room! Love the first one bc it isn’t too matchy matchy and boring beige. Great choice!

  4. I’m liking the first one…so fresh. What a great idea, asking for advice! I need to do that more often!

  5. I’m liking the first or second option :)

  6. I am between #2 and #4. I was hoping there was a link to the curtains, but not so. I guess my question/concern would be the method in which you would be hanging said curtains, as the method would dictate the hanging width, hence dictating the number of panels needed. No matter the width of each individual panel, the hanging method could change the hanging width. You mentioned that you only need just one. Do you want these curtains to be functional (meaning covering the entire bank of windows when closed) or purely decorative and hanging off to one side?

  7. Thanks for asking for our input. I’m really digging the second one actually…and you can’t beat that price! It has a softness to it that I think could be really soothing, especially for a bedroom space. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  8. I am so happy you shared with us WHERE you are finding these deals, I love all your choices and I couldn’t believe how reasonable they were. I’m loving that 3rd one..but I feel like the first option at $20 less offers the same punch. I like the ikat print, just prefer the others more.

    • The third one is my favorite, too, and just happens to be the most expensive, too. I’m a bit nervous though cause the reviews say it’s so high contrast and graphic it becomes the focal point of any room. Thanks so much for the input!

      Yes, if you need length, JCP and Overstock are the way to go. Places like Target, while they have great prints, are all on the shorter side.

  9. I think my favorite is the first one. The second one isn’t bad either but I wish I could see a bigger picture of the gray pattern you wanted. I like the fourth one too, however, from a distance all the pretty pattern is kinda lost and it almost looks solid. I think any of them would look pretty in the spaces though, tough choice!

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