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Painting: Maybe Not the Best Nap Time Project


chalkboard kitchen counter wallI’m excitable and impatient so when Anak and I picked up some chalkboard paint on a morning trip to Home Depot, I was able to wait a few hours, say until nap time, before diving in.  Nap time painting, not one of my greatest ideas.  Anak is hardly a consistent napper so doing anything during his nap time is like contest against time.  Like when you’re flipping through channels during the commercial break before a big makeover reveal, you are going to miss the reveal I tell ya!rustoleum chalkboard paintThere are plenty of DIY chalk paint recipes out there.  Miss Martha did one and as far as I’m concerned, if Martha does it, it’s been did.  I opted against making my own chalk paint because I didn’t already own paint to use and I quite like the color of chalk boards.counter beforeHere’s the before/”prep” photo.  Prep is in quotes because there was none.  I was just chock full (hehe) of good ideas that day.  The wall was already scuffed from blue jeans rubbing against the wall when people sat on the stools; a dark color made sense here (as would have a semi-gloss paint but…let’s just ride this chalkboard paint wave together, shall we?).secured socketOur icky cover plates are somehow apparently crucial to the structure of the building.  Removing them would require removing the surrounding dry wall.  That’s a little The Office reference for ya ; ] 


At least it’s not a clown painting.  Seen-better-days socket cover plates I can deal with.chalkboard paint drippingI got to painting and quickly realized this paint is drippy.chalkboard painting messHow quickly?  Not quickly enough.  By my third spill I had the brilliant idea of laying some protective newspapers on the carpet.  But don’t worry, I have a full proof method for getting paint spills out of the carpet.  Hint, it involves scissors. chalkboard damage controlBy the time I hit the other side of the wall it was time for damage control so I busted out my masking tape.  Some drying, another layer of paint, and some more drying later, it was time to prime.  Time lapse: three naps.chalkboard primingI really liked the look of the chalk on the paint before I buffed it in with my hands and then an old towel.  I sorta thought about leaving it (it looked like little twinkling stars to me) but that would mean Anak wouldn’t have the fun of writing on the wall (singular, must impress this upon Anak.  This is the only wall we write on).chalkboard paint with jute rugI think the bar stools are making more sense against the chalkboard wall background now.chalkboard stool closeupI love the chalky finish.  Chalkboards evoke such happy memories of teaching for me :]chalkboard wall afterThe black helps to ground the space and gives a does of dark richness in a somewhat unexpected spot.  I like it!  Anak’s verdict?  Surprisingly uninterested.  He’s like a squirrel collecting chalk at day care so I assumed this would be a hit with him. 

Have you tried making your own chalkboard paint?  Other than walls, where else have you tried using chalkboard paint?

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

10 thoughts on “Painting: Maybe Not the Best Nap Time Project

  1. Looks nice! It really give it a good pop. I find chalkboard paint tough to work with too.

  2. My favorite lines: “He’s like a squirrel collecting chalk at day care so I assumed this would be a hit with him.” Oh kids, so endearingly unpredictable.

    “But don’t worry, I have a full proof method for getting paint spills out of the carpet. Hint, it involves scissors.” Ha ha. That would totally be my solution, too. I’ve tried too many Pinterest inspired magical solutions that have done NOTHING for carpet stains. Scissors are not such a crazy way to go!

    The finished product looks fantastic, Jennifer! It’s a lovely pop of color and really provides some great contrast in your kitchen/eating space. Brava!

  3. Jen this looks reallllllly great!~ The painting issue is something that totally would have happened to me.
    Kids never cease to surprise us. When we bought a kitchen for my daughter I thought she’d love it b/c she played with my friends kids one all the time when we went over. When it got to our home, nada. Go figure.

  4. That looks really good! That whole bar/counter area looks great and the barstools do make sense. Haha – “it involves scissors”. That made me laugh ;-)

  5. Isn’t it funny the things are kids aren’t interested in.. As opposed to the things they just love! I’m sure he’ll come around here soon. Wait until he’s the cool kid at a play date when one of the others notice he has a wall you can write on!
    It turned out adorable and a perfect location as that wall usually gets rather beat up from shoes scuffs anyhow. Aside from being ‘fun’ i think the black really suits the space. You’ll have to give us an update once Anak makes a mural on it.

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