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A Series of (Un)Fortunate Events


Progress on the bedroom has stalled.  Here’s how the universe and I have been communicating lately.  Universe:  “Oh, after all that reflection, polling readers, and endless internal debate you’ve decided what you really want?  Well guess what?  It’s out-of-stock!  Indefinitely.  Bwahahaha.”  Ah well.  Of all things that can be communicated to me by the universe, this I can handle :]  Here’s a little run down of my lack of progress:

Curtains:  After you all so generously offered your opinions on my Pick Your Panel post, I hopped online to order the overwhelming favorite, the trellis curtains.  Only I got an error message (when does that ever happen?).  So I checked on the ikat option and it was sold out (which is different than out-of-stock because these were on clearance).  Anak was tugging at me as we were on our way out so I ditched the attempt.  While at the mall (I go to the mall maybe twice a year) Anak led us to a play area next to JCPenny, where three of the four curtain options I selected were from.  The curtains just happened to be on display so I popped in and boy were those curtains disappointing!  Nothing like in the pictures!  Their definition of “sheer” is my definition of “cheap.”  Universe, you did me a favor on that one!  Outcome: Total curtain cold feet.

Rug:  I’m still pining over this Tuscan Moroccan Ivory Shag number that slips in and out of being back ordered, then out-of-stock, then completely removed from the website, then back to being back ordered.  After all these months of waiting, I’m ready to pull the plug and move on.  Outcome:  I’m waiting to see if a 75% off coupon comes out for President’s Day.  If it does, that’s my go signal!  If it doesn’t…

I just found this Plymouth Moderne Ikat rug on clearance:I can sorta picture it here…master_bedroom_from_entrance_with_rugSee where I’m going with this?  I Photoshopped it in darker because the reviews mentioned the colors are much darker than online.


Plug-In Wall Sconces:  After months (actually pretty sure I’ve crossed the one year threshold) of scouring Craigslist, thrift stores, Ebay, anywhere there’s a bargain, I’m waving the white flag and buying first hand.  I found a pair that The Hubs and I agree on only they’re out-of-stock. Outcome: Patiently stalking my prey.

Overall, I’m feeling a bit discouraged.  I’m trying to tell myself it’s an opportunity to go back to the drawing board, regroup and reassess.  And I’m trying to scrounge up smaller projects around the bedroom to help get the momentum started again.

What do you do when you hit decorating road bumps?

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

10 thoughts on “A Series of (Un)Fortunate Events

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  2. Jennifer, I can feel your frustration, girl! That’s the worst to come up against road block after road block. However, if its any consolation, oftentimes, the road blocks will really help hone in on what you want most in your design…and you might even come across things that are better than you first imagined. At least, that’s the optimist in me! Hope you regain your stamina and are able to get back out there to find elements for your bedroom that not only your eye loves, but your budget does, too.

    P.S. You’ll be excited to know our Valentine’s Day movie of choice tonight is going to be Romantics Anonymous! ;-) Thanks for the rec. (Caught a sneak peak and I can tell we’re going to love it.)

  3. I concur with both of you regarding frugality, price points and getting what you really want. Plus, it just doesn’t make economic sense to buy something that you don’t really want/love just because it’s cheap because eventually you’ll replace it with something you really do want/love and, boom, you’ve spent more that you would have otherwise. I’ve made that mistake more than once. I’m finally learning that some things I’m willing to settle for and some I’m not. I had to stalk my dining room lights because they were discontinued when I went to order them. I finally found them on e-bay for roughly the same price but I wasn’t willing to settle for anything else until I’d exhausted all of my options. With regard to your curtains, that was probably just the fates telling you there’s something better in store ;-)

    P.S. I really like that ikat rug.

    • Economic lesson of the day! It’s almost counter intuitive and (of course) harder to shell out the heftier price tag when there’s a cheaper option, but in the end you’re actually saving money.

      Glad you liked the rug. I just bought it on a whim because I have a track record for waiting until things go out-of-stock….

  4. Oh, Jennifer, my decorating process is much the same as yours – highly dependent upon the mercy of the Craigslist gods and super, duper ‘in stock’ clearance items (with free shipping, of course).

    I love the ‘probably going to get’, in stock rug that you showed. I got a glimpse of that puppy in your thumbnail and my interest was piqued.

    As to the curtains, yeah, J C Penney just isn’t what it used to be. I was an avid fan of the style, price, and quality until their huge re-image campaign a year or two ago. The drapery products just aren’t what the used to be and the prices are, meh.

    As to the sconces, have you thought about purchasing the sconces and ‘plug-in’ component separately to create your own ‘plug-in’ sconce? This blog seems to have a great tutorial. Surely you could do that!

    Also, I recall there being a product that allows one to run the wires along the surface along the wall, but covered by a paintable tape. Of course, I can’t find it anywhere, because I don’t know the name for the product. If I find it, I;ll let you know.

    Good luck with your search. Although, it seems to me that your persistence will pay off. :)

    • Thanks for understanding. I was worried responses would be, Just buy something else! But I won’t budge unless I know I’m getting the absolute best deal possible! So I’m glad someone else gets that :]

      Thanks for the tips! I knew about converting hard wired lamps to plug-ins but rationed that if I could just get plug-ins off the bat, that would be easiest (I think they’re a little more polished looking, too). And I totally know what tape you’re referring to (thanks to HGTV!).

      Thank you so much for the tips! You always have the best ideas :]

      • :) Well, if you find that tape or remember the technical term for it, let me know. I can’t find it with my oddly worded search.

        And yes, I totally get where you are coming from. I like to say that I have a ‘baaa-roke’ (barogue) style, in that I really have no budget of which to speak. I do find that being frugal really forces one to be creative and more deliberate in decor choices.

      • Haha, that’s cute. Having a tight budget definitely makes things more interesting. Even if I had an infinite budget, rooms with some thrifted and upcycled pieces would still be my favorite.

        Try tunnel tape or cord concealer for your searches :]

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