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Is Art Art?


If you know where that quote comes from, you may be a child of the ’80s : ]  (By the way, it was said by Lisa on Saved By the Bell).

After my first two attempts at creating a diptic, I took a more structured approach to creating a painting for our living room by creating a board of large scale art.  Only what I ended up creating looked nothing like anything I had pinned.  I wanted lots of color and total abstraction and ended up with just the opposite: a two-tone highly geometric piece.  Sometimes you just end up doing what you want to do.
diptic tapedI taped off a square leaving additional room towards the bottom edge (it gives more visual rest) and painted the inside white.  White on off-white, things are starting to get exciting here.diptic templateI created a pattern with the intent to tape it onto the back, shine a light through, and trace directly on the canvas. Only after, hrm, five or so coats of paint, light is not getting through.  So I penciled the lines, flipped it onto my canvas, and gave it a rub.  I know there’s a technique for using tape to create lines (particularly for chevron stripes) but I never quite like the look; I prefer to just free-hand it.IMG_60602On to the second canvas.  I love going through Anak’s camera to see what he found camera worthy.  On that day, apparently it was me painting :]  Warms my little heart.diptic too saturatedIf you’ll notice, the lower half has two coats of gold paint and the look is a bit heavy.  I actually liked having the paint strokes visible.diptic nail polish removerSo I tried removing a layer with nail polish remover hoping the strokes would come through.diptic with white paintBut they didn’t so I added some more white paint then another light coat of gold paint.diptic finished frontHere they are together.  And there’s my floor lamp that I picked up from the swap meet on the same trip as finding my canvases.  The lamp was $5 (working bulb included!) and the trapezoidal lampshade I picked up from Target for $12 and spray painted it black.diptic finished sideI think getting those pillow covers will add some nice color (finally).gallery lightOh, and I left this combo out as a little hint to The Hubs to please find a way to mount the art lamp above my diptic only I think he thought I was leaving my stuff lying around all over the place…as usual…

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Have you ever purchased original art for your home?  Or do you stick to making it yourself?

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

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20 thoughts on “Is Art Art?

  1. Loving this artwork! I’m having fun catching up on your blog and the projects you’ve done!

  2. Very cool. Love the scale of these. Thanks for linking up :)

  3. That’s really cool! We did something similar- a collection of frames we spray painted the same color hung (a little haphazardly) above our couch. They’re all empty though- too many sizes for me to try to print something. We love it, though some people think we’ve just forgotten to hang art…

  4. Oy! I need this in my dining room! Found u at lizmarie!

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  6. Love the gold and simple pattern! And the brush strokes are a pretty, hand made detail. :)

  7. Love this! It’s so pretty!

  8. So cute to see Anak’s shot of you… And I love how you achieved the paint stroke look! The pieces look awesome above your couch…like they really belong. And what a fun trapezoidal lampshade. Target never ceases to surprise me!


  9. This is such beautiful art! Nicely done!

  10. This is fabulous. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. I hope you will participate and pass the award on. For more details please visit my blog:


  11. Ohmigoodness! I LOVE this so so much! I’ve had something similar pinned to attempt to DIY for a while. I hope mine turns out as pretty as yours!

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