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To Infinity…and a Scarf!


Once again, I’m participating in The Pinterest Challenge – Winter Edition (I love these things!) with Megan from The Remodeled Life, Michelle from Decor and The Dog, Katie from Bower Power and Sherry from Young House Love.

The challenge is to pick a pin and use it as inspiration for your own project.  Anything goes—a recipe, a DIY project, you name it!

I hopped onto my DIY Art and Projects and picked a project to knit an infinity scarf…cause I wanted an infinity scarf.  I’ll try to do something more home related for the next challenge.arm knitting pin


It looked like fun, you only needed your arms (!) and a spool of yarn, and the tutorial said it could be done in 30 minutes (!!!).infinity scarf tutorialI won’t go too much into the process since the tutorial videos are so thorough (plus my hands were tied up with yarn so it was hard to take pictures!).infinity scarf final 2I picked this wool yarn and while it’s warm and soft, boy does it shed!  And yes, I’m wearing a tank with my scarf.  It just rarely gets that cold here and we’re going through a bit of a warm spell.

infinity scarf finalThe only thing I did differently than the tutorial was using three strands of yarn instead of two to form my working yarn.  And if I were to attempt this technique again, I would try keeping the yarn tighter around my arms to make the wholes in between smaller (i.e. a less loosely knitted scarf).

Linked to Lines Across, Home Stories A to Z, The Gunny Sack, Not Just A Housewife.

Have you ever tried arm knitting?  Are you in love with infinity scarves as much as I am?

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

15 thoughts on “To Infinity…and a Scarf!

  1. Arm knitting, who knew? Another thing to add to the I want to try that list. I live in WA but am constantly getting weird looks cause I’ll be all bundled up in a scarf but still have on my flip flops (I just like to let my toes be free) and I think the scarf looks way cute with the tank. :)

  2. This is SO nice. I’d be scared to try it because it seems a bit complicated… But if I decide I want one more than I care about messing it up, I’ll try it :) Haha.

  3. love this – super cute.
    as an avid knitter, i must say i have never arm knit.
    i will now though!

  4. I can’t believe you did that in 30min! I’m a scarf junkie so I’m totally trying this!

  5. oh so cool, never seen that technique before!

  6. Oh so cute! I love it (and your super adorable pics of you showing it off) It looks so soft and cozy, and i’m with lauren. Almost all my scarves are paired with tanks as this Florida heat doesn’t offer many other options.

  7. Whoah, girl! That turned out SUPES CUTE! (And I can relate to the whole scarf-with-tank situation as I experience my first FL winter.)

    Might have to participate in this Pinterest Challenge myself…thanks for the heads-up!

  8. love it. haha my sister made me one of these for Christmas and I wear it everywhere!

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