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An Egg-citing Wreath for Spring


diy egg carton wreathWhen I came across this bright and intriguing wreath on Pinterest, I had to do a double take.  A wreath made of egg cartons?  Genius!  After heading over to the corresponding blog for directions, I thought, What an easy project and one that my son will enjoy creating, too.  Sound the buzzer.  Wrong!  But in the end, it was such a cute wreath and a present I’m sure oma (grandma) will enjoy : ]egg carton wreath materialsAs for materials, you probably have all of them on hand already (aren’t those just the best projects ever?).  I used four egg cartons, some leftover cardboard, acrylic paints and hot glue.egg cartons broken upTear the egg cartons apart using your hands.  You will have plenty of time to get creative with your scissors.  Plenty. of. time.  Two blisters in I sorta realized this was one of those projects that was deceptively time consuming.  And the shapes of the egg cartons are difficult to maneuver around so all my flowers were basically wavy egg cartons.  Oh, and save the lids to cut petals out of.anak painting egg cartonsAfter nights of cutting flower shapes, I was totally stoked to let Anak loose on em.  I pictured us painting together and me giving him little lessons on mixing paint.anaks painting contributionsThis was about as much interest as he could feign.  You win some you lose some and those couch cushion fortresses will not build themselves.anaks contributionI picked up where he left off so I could incorporate his creations.painted egg cartonsAnd then I painted and painted and painted the rest of the flowers.  I watered down my acrylics just a bit but I don’t recommend diluting them too much as the cardboard is so absorbent and will get soggy easily.painted cardboard wreathI cut out a cardboard “o” and painted it green.  After the flowers had dried I hot glue gunned them onto the wreath.wreath mishapMidway through washing dishes Anak’s interest in flowers suddenly returned :Pegg carton wreathHere’s our finished wreath.egg carton wreath sideviewAnd a side view.egg carton wreath indoorsSince the wreath is just cardboard, I recommend hanging it inside.egg carton wreath on white doorLinked to Lines Across, Mad in Crafts, Keeping it Simple, Design, Dining + Diapers, House of Rose, The Gunny Sack, Shabby Creek Cottage, The Crafty Blog Stalker, Somewhat Simple.

Do you have any other fun project ideas made from egg cartons?  Have you ever underestimated how easy a project would be?

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

36 thoughts on “An Egg-citing Wreath for Spring

  1. Oh my gosh! That is so stinkin’ cute! I love it =)

  2. Cute wreath! Nice colors!!!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  3. Who knew something like ugly egg cartons could turn out so pretty??

  4. What a terrific idea. I love it. So creative!!

  5. This is SERIOUSLY adorable!!!

  6. I love that!! you really laid it all out well too – thanks for sharing found you off Bower Power Pinterest Party!!

  7. Jennifer, that is an adorable triple threat. Colorful, recycled, and kid friendly!

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  13. Unbelievable! What a great idea!

  14. LOVE THIS WREATH! It’s awesome and so creative.

  15. I love it when we can use recycled materials for craft projects…and this turned out beautifully. I appreciated your honest and funny commentary throughout; things never quite turn out as we first envision them, do they, but I have to say, the finished product here is really eye catching. What a creative idea to use an old egg carton for your wreath. And I love that you were able to incorporate Anak’s work, as well! Brava!

  16. Hey, this is such a fun and cute idea. Love it! I haven’t seen it on Pinterest!
    Might have to do it with my kids too! Yours turned out so cute!

  17. So beautiful, I love it :-)

  18. That turned out really cute!

  19. Super cute Jen!! I just recycled half a years worth of egg cartons b/c they were taking over my crafting boxes. Go figure. Now I know what to do with them next time they pile up.

  20. This is beautiful, because of the imperfections and tiny hands that created it. It really looks like a wreath of colorful pansies – so Spring! Great job and so easy to duplicate. Even better that it is child-friendly. Your creativity simply amazes me!

  21. And did Anak end up helping you with it?

  22. That is so ridiculously cute! I love this and it turned out so well!

  23. Yes, I have woefully underestimated how much time a project will take and, yes, I have projected warm fuzzy images of child-participation that fell painfully short. That’s okay, though, because our kids won’t remember the details and will only remember that they had mothers who spent quality time with them. That’s the important thing ;-) Your wreath turned-out great, though! It’s so springy and cute!

    • Thanks! My days of teaching have taught me that the most well intentioned plans can go wrong and that sometimes re-directing (and just flying by the seat of your pants!) is most enjoyable for kids. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  24. Wow! This looks amazing!!! Love it!

  25. Hi Jennifer!!
    I´m Laura from Spain, and I write a little blog:

    I´ve met you through Jenny´s blog, “sugarshellandbutterknife”, and I really love your blog!!!

    So, you can visit my blog too, and we can follow each other, because I´d like to share all pretty things of our lifes! Have a lovely week and nice to meet you!


    • Hi Laura! Thanks so much for popping over. You have a lovely blog and such an airy home! I think your blog will be a nice little way for me to brush up on my Spanish (although it didn’t get me too far when I was in Barcelona, hehe). Consider me subscribed! And I followed you on Facebook so we can keep in touch. Hope to see you around!

  26. Oh my gosh!! This is just adorable and I’m so happy Anak’s interest in participation came back a little during the making. Oh how I can relate to his desire to participate. Part of the reason I even started my blog was a way to ‘document’ all these creative activities I planned to do together with my son, I had those same little visions of creating daily crafts together and I quickly realized… Colin’s not quite as interested as I wanted him to be… I guess it will come when they get older. Either way you got yourself a super cute, and relatively free wreath and sounds like Anak got to a least put his little mark on it!

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