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2 is Better than 1 but Less is More?


Check it Out: A MEGA thank you to Christine of Decorum DIYer for helping me out with my master bedroom design by creating a custom mood board.  Not only is Christine super talented, she’s thoughtful, thorough, and lots of fun to work with.  Check out her site—her mood boards are complimentary!

When we first moved into our home with our couple-of-days-old baby, I was eager to get some family photos up.  I picked up this frame at Big Lots and voila!before single multi photo frameIt wasn’t quite the right proportion for the wall and one of my design principles for making a small space feel bigger is to go big.three picture frames vertically hungI was sort of going for a photo strip feel by lining up several frames vertically.  I was on the lookout at my usual discount stores so when I found a set of three frames, I snatched them up.  They were $15 a piece but I had a gift card so they were free to me!  I wish I would have taken a close up of the frame but the frame because it’s so unique.  It comes out about an inch and a half so it has some depth and dimension to it.last frame won't stay in placeI feared that the third frame was just asking for trouble.  It’s low and hangs on the wall that is part of a narrow passage way to the rest of the first floor.  I had a talk with Anak about how much mommy likes the frame and how it’s fragile so please don’t touch it.  I was debating this talk because sometimes it’s better to just not draw attention to something you want your kiddo to ignore.  In any case, things like this kept happening so I knew it wasn’t going to work (but I’m keeping the third frame in case we move the entire set).  I want our shared spaces to be family friendly so it really didn’t bother me too much.two family photosAnd here are our frames with some recent photos of our trip to the mountains.  I usually get our photos printed out at Costco (two 8×10’s came out to a little over $3). I’m hoping to get some professional family photos done soon.  empty cribSpeaking of all things family, this is what Anak’s crib has been looking like most nights.  Let’s just say we’ve transitioned into a new sleeping stage (one that involves maintaining close and constant proximity to mommy and daddy) and it’s cut into my prime blogging time so please excuse me if I’m a bit remiss these days.  One thing I’ve learned about my own personal parenting journey is that there will be times when I am thriving and have thoughts like, “I could totally have another one!”, and then times when I am surviving and have thoughts like, “How many more hours until I can reasonably have a drink?”  Right now, we are in sleep deprived survival mode.  But back to the photos…

What are your thoughts on displaying family photos?  What is your favorite place to have them printed out?  Do you think the two large photos were an improvement from lots of smaller photos?

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

7 thoughts on “2 is Better than 1 but Less is More?

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  2. Hmmm…I think regardless of lots of tiny photos or two large ones, the key might be to change it up every now and then. I know for me, after a few months of a piece hanging on our walls, my eyes become blind to it. I don’t see it afresh. Now, I realize that wall decor may be less for the home-owner and more for the guests to enjoy during visits…but I do see value in changing things up for that fresh perspective. Now, am I going to get off my lazy butt and change out the photos I have hanging up right now. Probably not. But a girl can dream!

    • That is a great tip! I very very rarely swap out any of my photos. Once they make it into a frame, it’s like a permanent home. I’ll have to keep that in mind. I think that’s a good rule for all spaces—let them evolve and change over time : ]

  3. Wow, girl! When you do a favor, you pull out all of the stops! Thank you so much for the support! I am so with you on every aspect of this post. :)

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