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Pool Toy Turned Wreath


DIY Pool Noodle WreathAh, I love me a good wreath!  And this one took me all of $3 to make, double score!felt fabric ribbonI picked up some felt for less than $1 total and a spool of ribbon for 99 cents.  The striped fabric I had leftover from re-doing our bar stools.    duck tape pool noodle into a circleI picked up a pool noodle from the dollar store so that was obviously also a dollar.  Duct tape the ends together to form a circle.  At first I was having my wreath hold with just the duct tape so I ended up hot gluing the ends first.mod podge doesnt workI started by mod podging the fabric onto the foam noodle but it wouldn’t take.  I have to say I was surprised, a surface that doesn’t bow down to the almighty mod podge, what?wrapping fabric around the wreathFor a cleaner look, I fringed the fabric and ended up hot gluing it on.  If you were working with a busier print or a solid fabric I don’t think keeping straight lines would be such an issue.folded felt for ribbonFor the felt ribbons, take a piece of felt and fold it in half.  Hot glue the end together and cut notched along the seems.cut felt and roll into ribbonThen roll your ribbon up and hot glue along the way.striped wreath from sideAlong with the ribbon I picked up for this project, I added in some polka dot ribbon I had lying around for some more spunk.  striped wreathI think I would have liked for the wreath form to be thicker but for a dollar I’m not complaining!yellow ribbon closeupAren’t all those patterns and colors just the happiest?front door with wreathThis is definitely a fun wreath to come home to every day.  And it’s on the less precious side so I think I’ll be able to throw it into our utility/home decor/miscellaneous closet without biting my nails over if it’ll make it out alive.

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Have you ever tried making a wreath with a pool noodle?  Any other interesting ideas of projects to make with pool noodles?  I may commandeer Anak’s pool noodle come fall ; ]

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Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

19 thoughts on “Pool Toy Turned Wreath

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  2. This wreath is ADORABLE! I love the contrast from the black and white stipes and the bright colored flowers. What a great idea!
    If you have time, we would love for you to link up to our summer wreath link party on June 24th.…thly-challenge/

  3. The B&W stripes give it such a pop! Love the other bright colors with it too! Thanks for sharing at Monday Funday!

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  6. Your wreath turned out so stinkin’ cute Jennifer!! Sharing on FB this weekend :)

    xo, Tanya

  7. This is such a stunning wreath! I love the bright colored felt in contrast with the black and white fabric. I love the effect you achieved with the ribbon. I have never seen that done before! I used to not be a wreath girl, but I am slowly but surely becoming a wreath fanatic…and yours is one reason why!

  8. Love the bold stripes and happy felt flowers. Super duper cute.

  9. Super! I love the stripes with the punchy bold flowers. Great job!!

  10. Oh my gosh this is so adorable!!!!

  11. I love it! You know, I forsee a Halloween version of this…just saying…you could rock it!

  12. Super cute Jen! I need to make myself a summer wreath. My door looks so empty.

  13. Beautiful ! :-)

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