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Pillow Palooza


diptic finished frontAs I mentioned in phase one of our living room makeover waaaay back in January, I bought five 20×20 down pillow inserts at Ikea for something like $5 a piece.  Tired of having to retire saggy pillows, I thought down inserts might be a smart upgrade.  Not only do they hold their shape better, it’s much easier to store an unused pillow cover than an entire throw pillow (did I mention our place is snug?).pillow_combo_6Here is my dream pillow combination.  I used the guidelines I talked about in an earlier post about how to combine pillows.  But $291 on pillow cases?  I don’t think so.  I get the advice that it’s better to save up to get the highest quality you can afford and invest in the pieces you really love.  And I do really love these pieces…today.  And tomorrow I might love something else.  I’m still just gaining my decorating bearings.  So maybe if I was eying a hutch that I envisioned being passed down through the generations would saving up my pennies make sense.  But these are pillow cases.  Plus I knew I would be able to recreate a similar effect for less if I was just patient enough.  Here’s what I cam up with:
comparable pillowsSo the throw blanket isn’t exactly a pillow but I couldn’t find the color and texture I wanted for a price I was comfortable with and this rust colored nubby blanket fits the bill perfectly.  The throw blanket was from Marshall’ room with pillowsThe pair of Greek key pillowcases were bought on closeout on Etsy and the Richloom Giverny in Chamelion pillowcase is from Gina Sew Stuff‘s Etsy shop.  Gina has been one of the most responsive and helpful Etsy owners I’ve worked with and her pillows are quality—I highly recommend checking out her shop!  If you squint, I think the colors and pattern are somewhat similar to Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon print, whaddya think?corner with pillowsI thought pillows would complete the space but I’m still feeling like something is amiss.  Maybe the couch is just not tailored enough?rust colored blanket in basketI also picked up this woven basket from Marshall’s for $13 to store the throw blanket in.mounted art lamp

And if you follow Brave New Home on Facebook, you’ll recognize this gallery light I picked up from a thrift shop for $3.  I literally spent more on light bulbs than the fixture itself!  I just mounted it to a piece of scrap wood painted white.

Do you prefer envelope folds or zippered enclosures for your pillowcases?  And are you with me, do you feel like even with the pillows the couch area is missing some oomph?  What is it?  I’m scratching my head here…

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Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

18 thoughts on “Pillow Palooza

  1. I’m in love with the pillows and the throw. The extra color is so pretty and you know I love some added color.

  2. I’m about to go all nerdy blogger on ya (consider yourself warned) but I LOVE your photoshopped pillow graphics! Like ridiculously love the graphics!

  3. Looks great Jen. I love that throw! it makes me want to cuddle up on your couch. :)

  4. Love seeing more color and of course the greek key ;) xo Kristin

  5. I love that throw! The color, the texture, all of it. #want And props to you for achieving the look you wanted on a budget. I’m impressed with your thriftiness!

  6. I like the way you mix and match photos when planning your design. For some reason I can picture a big chest / trunk as a coffee table in this room.

  7. I love, love, love mixing and matching throw pillows! You’re doing great with the combo.

  8. It does look nice, though. I understand what you mean about ‘missing something’. I’ve been working on my couch and pillow arrangement, too, so I’m there with you. (I hope to post soon.) Still, great bargains for your savvy shopping. (My kind of decor and budget!)

  9. I’m running into the same prob with my sofa. It just seems to be missing something…More pillows?? Maybe 2 larger ones? I personally wanna chuck my sofa out the window, I married into it so you know…
    I do LOVE your art with the lamp it’s perfect for your space!

    • Hrm, I’ll hafta see if I can Photoshop some pillows in to see if that’s the culprit. I don’t like a lot of pillows so I’m not leaning towards adding more but I’m curious if that’s “it.” Do you have a link to a photo of your living room? I’m curious and can’t seem to find it through your blog at the moment : ]

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