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Goods for the Home


One of the questions I get asked most frequently is, Where did you get that grey sunburst mirror in your bedroom?  Answer: Home Goods.  It’s usually a disappointing response because shopping at Home Goods is a lot like treasure hunting….in a treasure trove!  But still, every store carries different items that change on a weekly basis.master_bedroom_from_entrance

I always find the best mirrors at Home Goods without fail.  Check out some of my finds on my latest shopping trip:

home goods grey aged sunburst mirrorThis sunburst mirror has almost a Roman vibe to it.  Love the color!  And it’s sorta similar to the sunburst mirror I have in our bedroom, too.home goods natural wood sunburst mirrorI just loved this sweet flower-inspired mirror.  home goods tribal basketsThese baskets were just so much fun!  Perhaps something that could be painted on if you already owned similar baskets.home goods writable square jarsThese canisters embody all the elements of my dream kitchen: white, wood, and modern.  The “label” can be written on, too.


I could see those canisters in an earthy, modern vignette like this.home goods pillows 2Oh, the pillows!  I was in sensory overload in the numerous pillow isles.  I was looking for a bolster with down feathers for our bed and while quite a few fit the bill, I still don’t quite know what direction I’m taking the bedroom.  I really adored the “love” pillow and will be storing that idea away to DIY in the future.  I did end up picking up a set of pillowcases (in the lower right hand corner) for $5.

home goods fuschia x nailhead stoolsI definitely have a weakness for fuchsia, can you tell?

I would put a pair together at the end of the bed of a neutral bedroom for an injection of color.grey wingback chairThis grey wingback chair reminded me of the one from Ikea.


The one from Home Goods is about $100 less but also sacrifices some metal welcome sign I was really smitten with this sign at the store.  I think it was just so glossy and blue.  Definitely an item I’m glad I passed on—it doesn’t fit my design aesthetic at all.  I think that’s what happens if you stay at one of these kinds of stores for too long; everything starts to look interesting!home goods stone headhodgeAnd this little stone hedgehog was just so sweet.  If I had a garden I’d tuck him into someplace special.

Any items you would have scooped up?  Have you ever noticed the effect that the longer you stay in a store the more intriguing everything becomes?  I think it’s a shopping high!

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Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

8 thoughts on “Goods for the Home

  1. If I saw the fuchsia benches and those baskets in the store, I would definitely think of you. Navy and fuchsia just sing ‘Brave New Home’ to me!

  2. My sis just bought a new house and I’m constantly like, “Home Goods, Home Goods, Home Goods!” That place is addicting.

  3. Oh my God the cookie jars!!! I love them!

    I think HomeGoods in the US is the equivalent of HomeSense/Winners in Canada and let me tell you (and you know I love thrift stores) I have found some of my fav things in our home from there. My round shadow box mirror. My now defunct striped rug. Sometimes DIY means Buy instead. :)

  4. Homegoods is amazing! I go there when I visit my Mom. We have TJ Maxx and Marshalls so I don’t feel like I’m missing out too much, but to have a HG in town would be so awesome! xo Kristin

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