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About the BlogI love the idea of transforming a house into a home and am obsessed with home design but you wouldn’t know that from taking a tour of our home.  Why?  Because I’m scared.  I’ve been clipping magazine pages to add my inspiration book long before the days of Pinterest and now that we actually own our home, I’m overwhelmed with the freedom that comes with it (what, we can actually paint our walls?!) and let fear of making a mistake paralyze me from ever starting.  This blog is to help me (and you, too!) to overcome all that nonsense because, hey, you have to start somewhere!

BNH is a lifestyle blog centered on all the tangible and intangible elements that create a home.  This is a special spot for you to come to find decorating encouragement and creative ideas with a sprinkling of DIY and family moments, too.

We don’t always start out with the biggest houses (ours is less than 900 square feet) or the biggest budgets (we’ve been a family of three making-do on one income for the past two years) but I’ve come to realize we more often regret the things we didn’t do rather than the things we did so might as well go for it!Mistakes are really just learning opportunities in disguise.  Each mistake brings us closer to unearthing our true style identities and creating a more authentic life.  Like Bob Ross, I too believe in “happy accidents.”

Hey, that’s how we ended up with this little guy ; ]

About Me
I’m a twenty-something from sunny San Diego.  I launched my blog around the time my husband shipped off to boot camp to give myself a fun little project to help keep me motivated and inspired.  More so, blogging is a way for me to connect with like-minded, creative, and inspiring individuals.  I like involving The Hubs in my DIY projects because it usually means the shirt comes off.  You’re welcome.  We met while I was working in admissions at a private university and he came in interested in the MBA program.  At first I brushed him off (I had a strict no-dating-students rule) so The Hubs sent up a prayer that if he could just get one date (I love how confident he was that he could take it from there…), he promised God he would marry me.  Lo and behold, one year and three days from our first date, we were married : ]And nine months later came Anak (Filipino for “my child”).  And days after that (yes, literally days) we closed escrow and moved into our new place.  Life was expanding in all directions.

I’ve been a barista, a waitress, an intern, a pageant winner, I’ve taught English in China, and I’ve held all sorts of positions within academia.  These days I work in university administration.  I love my job and actually think it helps me to be a better wife and mother.  Other loves include: traveling, watching any reality TV I can get my hands on (I don’t have cable but that hasn’t deterred me yet!), trying new foods, zombies, stripes, and reciting DJ Lance Rock quotes.

I’m so happy you’re here and hope you’ll join me on this journey!

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