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Used Inspiration


I planned a trip to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore since we hadn’t been in a while.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular—sometimes I just like to get the creative juices flowing.  And isn’t a rule that you always find the coolest stuff when you’re not even looking?

habitat for humanity restore store frontNot only will you find some awesome deals, the money raised funds the construction of more Habitat homes in the community.  If you’ve never heard of these ReStores, they basically sell used and surplus building materials.  You save money and divert materials that would otherwise wind up on a landfill.  It’s a win win!sea glass colored tileTheir tile selection almost always has me drooling.  You’d really have to luck out to snag enough tile for a big project but you could definitely find enough for a smaller project like some back splash for the kitchen or bathroom.


Look at all these brand new mini-terra cotta pots!  small terra cotta potsSince they were unused, I’d color block them and stick a tiny succulent inside.


I think the minty shade of these shutters caught my eye more than anything.  You know how I feel about mint!mint shuttersUsed shutters are great decorating materials.  I’d use mine to collect mail or display cards. 


tri fold bathroom vanityNeither of our bathrooms have a vanity so these really got me storageIf I were building a kitchen, this piece could definitely find a home.

We had a fun little trip looking around but didn’t end up bringing anything home.

Do you get inspired by used home design pieces?  Would you have snagged any of these items?

Author: Jennifer @ Brave New Home

Hi! I'm Jennifer from Brave New Home ( I blog about overcoming fear and transforming a house into a home one DIY project at a time.

15 thoughts on “Used Inspiration

  1. Hi Jennifer.

    I just wanted to let you know that I have selected your blog for the Liebster Award. The award was passed along to me by another blogger: Mallory at Our First Nest.

    You can choose to play along or not. If you do, simply follow the 5 simple guidelines. You can find all the details on my blog here:


  2. Guess who just Googled my local HFH Restore… This girl! Thanks for the inspiration. I would have never thought about looking there for tile. You’ve started the wheels turning in my head…


  3. Great Ideas-and the best stuff is always found when your aren’t looking for it ;)

  4. I love that place. There is so much in there to dream about! xo Kristin

  5. I’ve got to go to the ReStore! We have one in our town and I’ve been saying I’m going to go for the last three years. I don’t know why I haven’t done it yet, other than the fact that it has weird hours. That should be one of my goals for this year!

  6. I love those shutters! I could for sure get motivated by them. I’ve been looking to incorporate some in my home, just haven’t figured out where. Your Habitat for Humanity store seems to have a lot more fun finds then ours. I’m jealous!

    • Shutters are so versatile! They could be used to make a headboard, a faux window (maybe in a windowless bathroom) or would be great decoration for a narrow wall.

    • I was just going to get my hopes up about the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in Orlando being as awesome as yours, Jennifer, when I saw Christina’s comment (darn!). But I can live vicariously through you, I suppose. Thanks for sharing these pics and inspirational project ideas. I’m a sucker for old shutters, too.

      • You and Christina should get together and go thrifting! How fun would that be?!

        Yeah, our ReStore is pretty decent. I get the sense quite often that homeowners with lotsa money simply tear things out and start anew cause it seems like there’s a brand new high-end kitchen in there every other time I go!

      • Yes, we have a plan to get together for a shopping day someday soon. Wish you could join us, Jennifer!

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